Nuclear equipment

Plant «Morshanskhimmash» manufactures capacitive, heat exchange, water treatment and other non-standard equipment for nuclear power plants. In the manufacture of corrosion-resistant steel and carbon steel, certified for use at nuclear power facilities are used. The production of main and auxiliary equipment for nuclear power plants corresponds to all mandatory requirements for the design, construction and production of equipment supplied to nuclear power plants and facilities of the nuclear fuel cycle, regulatory and design documentation, quality plans.


  • Apparatuses with mixing devices. This equipment for nuclear power engineering can have a mechanical or hydraulic agitation system. Apparatuses are intended for intensification of physicochemical processes and in the preparation of various mixtures.
  • Capacitive and water-preparation equipment. The plant supplies nuclear equipment intended for the preparation of boiler feed water and capacitive equipment intended for storage and dispensing of liquid and bulk materials.
  • Heat exchange equipment. This equipment that transfers heat energy from one carrier to another: evaporators, vapor condensers, steam generators, regenerators, process condensers and other auxiliary heat exchangers.
  • Equipment for storage and processing of radioactive waste. The equipment for processing, storage and transportation of solid and liquid waste of nuclear fuel cycle facilities is manufactured.
  • Specialized equipment. The modern engineering centre, large production facilities allow participating in projects for the design, development and production of equipment for individual projects.

When manufacturing equipment for nuclear power plants, plant «Morshanskhimmash» has proved to be a reliable supplier and is currently cooperating with large state-owned enterprises and research institutes that are part of the Rosatom State Corporation. For more information, please contact us: +7 (47533) 4-54-48.