Completed projects

Capacitive, heat exchange and column equipment of the plant «Morshanskhimmash» is successfully operated at the largest enterprises of the country. The plant has been actively involved in the development of domestic industries, such as oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, aerospace and nuclear power industries.

The plant takes part in the largest state programs - construction of the Vostochny Cosmodrome, the project of modernization of military transport aircraft, increase the efficiency of fuel and energy sector program, in particular increase the depth of oil refining, federal program for the development of gas processing and petrochemistry and other important projects.

The following are the major projects realized by the plant «Morshanskhimmash»

Equipment for Purovsky Condensate Processing Plant

Plant «Morshanskhimmash» manufactured several technological complexes – blocks of distributors for Purovsky Condensate Processing Plant (CPP) - the main production asset of the company NOVATEK in the processing of hydrocarbons. Each of these sets is equipped with control and measuring equipment and includes a group of vessels on the frame, piping and block valves.

Blocks of separators are operated in the processing chain of further stable gas condensate processing of Purovsky Plant.

Participation in the construction of Tobolsk-Polymer complex

Plant «Morshanskhimmash» takes an active part in the construction of the large petrochemical complex - Tobolsk-Polymer (a subsidiary of SIBUR Holding).

Within the project the several contracts for manufacturing of capacitive, separation and specialized equipment were successfully completed and signed.

Long partnership experience in the supplies of equipment for the enterprises included in the SIBUR Holding is the most important argument for choosing of our plant as a supplier of equipment for the construction of production of SIBUR facilities, such as the construction of the second stage of the largest petrochemical complex Tobolsk-Polymer.

Work with Rostov NPP

Plant «Morshanskhimmash» participated in the construction of additional facilities of Rostov NPP.

Under the contract two unique large sized deaerators were manufactured. Deaerators are designed to prepare the feed water of the second circuit of the unit.

The weight of one finished product (assembled) is more than 100 tons, the length is 23.5 meters and the height is over 12 meters. All control points of manufacturing of the unit were accepted by the authorized organization in accordance with the «Decision on the procedure and extent of evaluation of conformity of equipment, product components, materials, semi-finished products supplied to nuclear power plants».

Work with ROSATOM

Plant «Morshanskhimmash» is the first Russian producer of welded body of the condensate pump facilities using nuclear energy. The body is designed on the instructions of «Rosenergoatom» under the concept of import substitution. Earlier in the Russian nuclear power plants imported analogues were used. Welded bodies of condensate pumps KEN1-2 levels will be used in the technological scheme of the new model nuclear power unit VVR 1200+.

The uniqueness of Morshansk equipment is that due to the large thickness of body wall imported samples were prepared by casting. On our plant principally new technology is used - welded metal construction bodies, which not only increase the product reliability, but also extend the service life of the equipment up to 50 years.

Equipment for Vostochny Cosmodrome

Development works and supply of complex of the equipment for the preparation and processing of hydrogen peroxide to Vostochny Cosmodrome.

Equipment for Mining and Chemical Plant

The plant has successfully designed and launched in the production specialized equipment for the nuclear fuel cycle facilities.

Manufactured stainless steel equipment is designed for operation as a part of the technological complex for disposal of spent nuclear fuel from power reactors at Mining and Chemical Combine (Krasnoyarsk region).