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Plant «Morshanskhimmash» completes installation of equipment for Belarusian NPP

A television report from the workshops of the plant.

Ion-exchange filters for cleaning technical waters are about to be dispatched. This is the second batch of equipment, consisting of five filters weighing 30 tons each, which are intended for Belarusian NPP. The first was accepted without remarks. And the quality of work was high.

Dmitry Rogozin urged to withdraw foreign aircraft from the operation

From the point of view of forming the plans for the development of the plant «Morshanskhimmash», the information given in the article "Russian Weapons" ("Rossiyskaya Gazeta", March 6, 2017) is of undoubted interest both for the plant and for its business partners.

Congratulations on March 8

The newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda» published congratulation on March 8 from the executive director of the plant «Morshanskhimmash» Valery Yukhanov. Valery Valentinovich on behalf of the entire staff of the enterprise addressed women with the sincerest wishes.

«Himmash» overcomes difficulties

Tambov Region Portal TOP68 reports: "The main purpose of the visit of Tambov Vice-Governor Alexander Ganov to Morshansk is to examine the situation at the plant «Morshanskhimmash» and to meet with plant workers.