Quality control

Integrated quality system is held at all stages of lifetime, including in-process and final inspection and ensures high- quality of our products.

Central laboratory has the right to work in accordance with the requirements of Rostekhnadzor, not only for their own purposes, but also to provide services to the third parties. Certified laboratory, certified testing methods, qualified specialists carry out control of raw materials, semi-manufactured and finished products to ensure the quality of products, to eliminate mistakes in the choice of materials, to evaluate the quality of materials, to examine the materials for compliance with the terms of the certificates.

Laboratory of mechanical and metallographic tests and researches

The laboratory is equipped with all the necessary equipment for testing of parent metal and welded connections.

Types of tests:

  • stretching
  • bending
  • impact strength at positive and negative temperatures
  • determination of yield strength
  • elongation and contraction
  • hardness test

Laboratory equipment:

  • Testing machines GMR 50; 2 GMS-50; P-10 (parent metal and welded connections tests, lifting constructions tests).
  • Testing machine MIP 100-2 (springs test).
  • Hardometers TSH2M; TK-2M; TDM-2 (hardness measuring).
  • Metallographic microscopes MIM-8M; MMU-ZU42 (determination of metal and weld macro- and microstructure).

Laboratory of non-destructive testing

The laboratory is certified to inspect the equipment and materials by non-destructive methods during the maintenance, production, construction, installation, repair, reconstruction and technical diagnostics of boiler inspection objects, lifting constructions, installation of explosive and chemically hazardous industries.

Non-destructive testing methods:

  • Radiographic inspection
  • Ultrasonic inspection
  • Ultrasonic thickness testing
  • Liquid penetrant testing
  • Leak Testing
  • Visual and measurement inspection

Laboratory equipment:

Radiographic inspection:

  • X-ray machine EKSTRAVOLT 450 E / R4200, thickness up to 115 mm.
  • X-ray machine RUP-200 - 2 pcs., The thickness of steel up to 20 mm, aluminum up to 100 mm.
  • Flash X-ray machines Arina-3, thickness of steel up to 25 mm.
  • The X-ray generator RAY CRAFT CP-300, thickness of radiography up to 47 mm.

Ultrasonic inspection:

  • Ultrasonic tester UD2-70 - 3 pcs.
  • Ultrasonic thickness tester TUS – 1pcs. Controlled thickness ranges up to 5000 mm. Standard samples are available for all thicknesses of materials used for manufacturing of equipment from steel and aluminum.

Liquid penetrant testing:

  • The indicator and developing liquids of NORDTEST Company.
  • UV Lamp UV.
  • Standard samples for the determination of sensitivity.