General design

In the design stage, complex development of projects to ensure a high level and high economic efficiency is carried out. Design department fulfills the following work:

  • Development of design documentation for standard and non-standard equipment from carbon, low alloy, manganese, chrome-molybdenum, austenitic, martensitic, stainless steels, aluminum and its alloys.
  • Development of specifications, installation instructions, manuals, programs and testing methods, security substantiations.
  • Implementation of modernization projects, reconstruction and repair of the existing equipment.
  • Preparation of consolidated material standards for equipment with a value estimate of equipment manufacturing.

Design department is equipped with automated workplaces with powerful personal computers connected to local area network, network operating systems, office suites, databases, graphical packages of general purpose and specialized CAD packages, including 3D, engineering systems for projects, laser printers, copiers and other special equipment.

Specialists of project department have extensive experience in manufacturing of equipment and are fluent in technological capabilities of modern machine-building production.