Plant «Morshanskhimmash» (Tambov region) in partnership with KomplektEnergo (Moscow) has manufactured and shipped large-sized equipment for Novovoronezh NPP.

The manufactured emergency core cooling system tank is an element of the passive part of the reactor core emergency cooling system and refers to the 2nd safety class according to NP-001-15. Hydraulic emergency core cooling system tank: material - bimetal, boiler steel 22К, clad with corrosion-resistant steel, weight of the tank is 57 tons.

The equipment is designed to supply an emergency stock of an aqueous solution of boric acid to the reactor core of the VVER reactor of the V-179 reactor facility of the Unit 4 of Novovoronezh NPP, in the event of an accident involving the rupture of pipelines of the first and second circuit of the installation, it provides heat removal from the core of the reactor.

Source: State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company «Tambov»