Tambov Region Portal TOP68 reports: "The main purpose of the visit of Tambov Vice-Governor Alexander Ganov to Morshansk is to examine the situation at the plant «Morshanskhimmash» and to meet with plant workers.

Alexander Ganov emphasized: "While the company isn’t working as we would like, and in this connection the concern of the governor and the leadership of the municipality is quite understandable."

Head of Morshansk Alexey Bannikov, in turn, noted that the serious financial difficulties that the plant had at the end of 2016 had been overcome only thanks to the personal support of Governor Alexander Nikitin and his team, but this is a temporal respite, and for the stable operation of the enterprise, much remains to be done.

Chairman of Regional Union of trade unions Gennady Afanasov also participated in the meeting noted that plant workers will be able to control many processes more successfully if the trade union organization, which was previously one of the most authoritative in the region, will be revived.

According to the director of the plant Valery Yukhanov, thanks to the support of the regional authorities, the company managed to recover, more than 400 people have jobs today, the plant is licensed to work in nuclear energy, aviation and space industries, and on the negative side, it has some difficulties with conclusion of contracts due to the fact that it was necessary to change the legal status of the enterprise in 2015, and the previous experience is not based upon.

Vice-Governor Alexander Ganov noted that the Head of the Tambov Region Administration Alexander Nikitin had already initiated a meeting with the leadership of Rosatom, where, along with other issues, the prospects for cooperation with Morshanskhimmash will be discussed.

Despite the difficulties, the staff of the company believes that the plant has future. The workers fully support the development strategy of the director Valery Yukhanov: "This is a person whose heart is aching for the plant and his point of view is the opinion of the whole staff," Morshanskhimmash workers assured. Separate words of gratitude from the young workers of the plant «Morshanskhimmash» are that management of the plant is not afraid to hire young specialists and looking for opportunities for their training.

Alexander Ganov summed up: "Plant «Morshanskhimmash» works, but I would like it to work well, there are all conditions for it, and management team and staff of the plant are ready for work, there is a good potential. We, in turn, will do everything possible to support the plant..."

At the end of the meeting, honorary citizen of the town, deputy of the Town Council of People's Deputies Evgenie Sosedov and Deputy Chairman of the Morshansk legislators Alexander Kalinin joined the conversation with a number of questions on various areas of the current life of Morshansk.  The questions included development of banking sector and prevention of further decrease of the network of institutions of Sberbank, as well as problems in the current activities of town light industry enterprises."

The author of the text and photo: S. Lobacheva