Tambov State Technical University


    Tambov State Technical University (TSTU) is considered to be one of the leading educational institutions in Tambov and Central Black Earth Region. More than 40 000 specialists with diplomas of higher education have been trained during 55 years of university existence. Now the university presents itself as an integral system of continuous education connecting preschool, school, university and post-graduate levels. The basic principles of this system are: availability of education for all society groups, life-long character of education, combination of humanitarian and technical courses.

    VNIPIgazdobycha PJSC

    VNIPIgazdobycha PJSC

    For more than 67 years VNIPIgazdobycha has been creating projects for the construction of oil and gas objects. This is one of the leading design institutions of the oil and gas complex of Russia, a subsidiary of Gazprom PJSC. More than 90% of its work is performed for the orders of Gazprom, providing a significant part of project documentation for gas and hydrocarbons production facilities.

    The main goal of VNIPIgazdobycha is to provide at affordable and cost-based prices needs of Gazprom PJSC and independent mineral developers and project documentation services in the field of production, processing and transport of gas, oil and oil products.


    Bashgiproneftehim LLC

    Bashgiproneftehim LLC

    Complex design of oil-refining, petrochemical, chemical and gas processing plants and facilities, as well as other explosive manufactures and objects related to the operation or storage of explosive and toxic products and its mixtures.

    Central Scientific Design Bureau Public Corporation

    Central Scientific Design Bureau Public Corporation

    Central Scientific Design Bureau is a scientific and designing organization on developing new technologies, non-conventional and special technological equipment, mechanization means and automation of special production processes, including production lines.

    At conducting scientific and research as well as experimental and designing works, Central Scientific Design Bureau provides engaging and coordinating of the activities of the branch institutes, adjacent branches and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

    Design Institute Soyuzkhimpromproekt of Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education Kazan National Research Technological University

    Design Institute Soyuzkhimpromproekt FGBOU VPO KNITU

    The Institute is the most multidiscipline among design organizations in Russia. Its activities include complex design of industrial facilities for variety of industry sectors such as chemical and petrochemical industry, special chemistry, constructional material production plants, rubber goods industry, food industry, main product pipelines industry, etc.

    Since the early 2000s the Institute fully adopted computer-assisted engineering, created modern material basis for engineering surveying and examination of industrial safety for technical equipment, buildings and constructions.


    Volgograd Research and Design Institute of Chemical and Petroleum Machinery Technology JSC

    VNIIPThimnefteapparatury JSC

    VNIIPThimnefteapparatury has many years of experience in manufacturing equipment technology, in particular for arrangement of the richest oil and gas fields in the areas of Orenburg, Astrakhan, the Far North, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, large scientific and technical capabilities, good business connections in Russia and abroad.

    Since its establishment it was involved by Gosgortechnadzor as an expert organization in investigating the causes of accidents, the acceptance of the import and re-designed equipment.