Equipment for ZapSibNeftekhim

On 29 June 2016 plant «Morshanskhimmash» shipped concentrate tanks for ZapSibNeftekhim LLC, a subsidiary of the largest Russian petrochemical holding - SIBUR Holding. SIBUR Holding inspected and accepted the equipment at the plant site and confirmed high quality of work.

Gratitude for state defence order

Plant «Morshanskhimmash» received gratitude for the successful completion of the state defence order for the development work under the project of perspective tanker aircraft Il-78 construction for OJSC UAC - Transport Aircraft LLC.

Plant «Morshanskhimmash» celebrated Victory Day

A solemn meeting devoted to Great Victory Day was held at the memorial obelisk for the fallen plant workers on 9 May. Plant workers, plant veterans, students other people came to honor the memory of the fallen grandfathers and great grandfathers. CEO of the plant "Morshanskhimmash" Valery Yukhanov, head of productions Nikolay Zemetchinsky and other plant workers said solemn words.

Plant «Morshanskhimmash» grows rapidly

The positive development of the plant «Morshanskhimmash» is not unnoticed. On Thursday, April 7, the camera crew of State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company "Tambov" visited the plant and highlighted the most important events in the life of the company.

Plant «Morshanskhimmash» manufactured equipment for tanker aircraft Il-78M-90A

Plant «Morshanskhimmash», according to the agreement for the development work in the context of the project of perspective tanker aircraft construction for UAC Transport Aircraft, completed one of the final stages of designing, manufacturing and testing of a prototype and working examples of fuselage fuel tanks included in the delivery of the first aircraft set.

Column equipment for Ufaorgsintez Renovation Project

Plant «Morshanskhimmash» manufactured and shipped column equipment for the reconstruction of one of the largest enterprises within the structure of United Petrochemical Company (UPC) (owned by Bashneft) - Petrochemical Complex Ufaorgsintez.

Plant «Morshanskhimmash» participated in III Sports Contest of regional enterprises

The final phase of the III Sports Contest between the members of Regional Association of Employers «Tambov Region Association of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs» in six sports: darts, shooting, kettle-ball, horizontal bar, arm wrestling, rope was held in Tambov on Saturday, 19 March 2016. First phase of the Contest was held earlier in two sports - chess and table tennis.