Equipment for confining safety systems of nuclear fuel cycle

Filter bag (36 sleeves, L - 2 m, ø - 140mm) gas capacity - 2880m3 / h, gas load - 1.6 m3 / m2, is designed to purify the waste gases from solid aerosol particles and radionuclides, temperature up to 50 ° C, under vacuum or Pressure in the filter – up to 5 kPa. The surface area of ​​the filtration - 30m².

Sliding shutter - for capsulation of the load waste pipe to the incinerator, operating temperature is up to 80 ° C. The frequency of the shutter is 10 cycles / h, the linear mechanism VSA12 with motor AC-230V, 50Hz, 0,25KVt. The main construction material is 12X18H10T.

Loading conveyor, productivity - 12 packs / h - is designed to deliver packages of radioactive waste (radioactive waste) from the receiving bin into the loading bin. The main material - 12X18H10T, acis-base rubber conveyor belt, width is 650 mm, motorized conveyor drum MB 1.6-H-750, 0,75 kW.


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