Plate column

Plate columns are those in which internal devices in the working area are plates.

Columns with internal plate-type contact devices include rectifiers, absorbers, regenerative chambers, stabilizers, deethanizers, depropanizers, and other similar column equipment;

Plates - a bubbling device, wherein the mass transfer process occurs, i.e. transition of the component from one phase to another as a result of direct contact between the working media.
In the chemical and petroleum industry plate columns of various sizes from small diameter 300 ÷ 400 mm and large-capacity high-performance installations with columns with a diameter of 5 ÷ 12 m are used. The height of the column depends on the number of plates and the distance between them. Typically, the distance between the plates is 250 ÷ 300 mm. For reasons of structural order and possible repair and cleaning dishes in large diameter columns, the distance between them is increased up to 500 ÷ 600 mm.


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Chemical and petrochemical industries