Packed column

Packed Column is a cylindrical body in which at a certain distance reinforced support grids and distribution trays are fixed. On support grids there is the packing.

Columns with internal packing-type contact devices include nozzle type:

absorber, adsorber, desorber, regenerative chamber, operating under excess pressure or without pressure (for filling), and other such devices at a wall temperature of – 60 ° C.

Packed columns of large diameter (2-2.5 m) are used for absorption, for example amines, as in plate columns strong foaming occurs. They are seldom used for distillation columns, if the diameter exceeds 0.9 m, because of the high cost and poor distribution of the liquid in large diameter columns. To improve the distribution of liquid it is necessary to work on the construction of special distribution devices. When creating new forms of packed bodies in a wide range of loads a high efficiency with little hydraulic resistance is reached.


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