Water settlers

Water settler, which you can order at the Plant «Morshanskhimmash», is designed for wastewater treatment from the sediment and impurities. The equipment is presented in the standard type and can be produced for individual orders depending on the purposes of the customer.

Tupes of settlers

Settlers for sale are primary and secondary. The objective of primary treatment is the removal of settle-able organic and inorganic solids by sedimentation, and the removal of materials that will float. The objective of secondary treatment is the further treatment of the effluent from primary treatment to remove the residual organics and suspended solids.

  • The intermittent settling tanks. In intermittent tanks store water for a certain period and keep it in complete rest.
  • Continuous flow type settling tanks. The flow velocity is only reduced and the water is not brought to complete rest as is done in an intermittent type.

Also, settling tanks for water are divided into horizontal and vertical depending on the direction of motion of the liquid. One of the horizontal types is radial tanks in which the movement of the liquid is distributed from the center to the periphery. Another classification divides them into settlers OG - designed to defend oil emulsion, followed by discharge of water and extract - and OB used for water purification from impurities and oil residues.

All equipment manufactured by our plant must pass preliminary tests, has quality certificates and licenses. The equipment is supplied with all the necessary documentation. For more detailed information about the configuration options, please call: 8 (47533) 4-54-48.