Tank semitrailer is capacitive equipment used for storage and transportation of light oil products and oil. These tanks have a high load capacity as part of the weight of the freight is transported on the tractor chassis. The effective load distribution of the tank semitrailer contributes to the stability and security of freight. Plant «Morshanskhimmash» produces a tank with piping for this type of equipment in various versions.

Products can be manufactured from wear-and corrosion-resistant steels, aluminum. Tanks are climate-resistant, fireproof and resistant to hydroblow. There are various configuration options: with breathing device, folding rails, pressure gauge and others. The individual painting and trademarks can be applied. It is possible to manufacture tanks semitrailers of various volumes (20 m3, 25 m3 and 30 m3) and on the individual customer parameters. All products are supplied with a full set of necessary documents.


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