Welded capacitive equipment

Capacitive equipment is designed for storage, transportation and dispensing of liquids, gases and granular materials. This equipment is a tank of corrosion-resistant carbon steel, aluminum. Tanks effectively protect the contents from the effects of environmental changes in temperature and moisture. In our catalog capacitive equipment of various types is presented: vertical and horizontal, cylindrical, with conical or flat bottoms, ground-based and underground and many others. You can order any type of equipment, depending on your tasks. If necessary, we manufacture the products for individual orders.

Advantages of our capacitive equipment:

  • In the production of welded steel capacitive equipment certified types of welding and surface treatment are used. You can order an all-welded and block equipment.
  • It is possible to provide the production of various types with auxiliary devices, special insulation and internal processing.
  • The quality of the equipment is guaranteed, since the machines are tested and have all necessary licenses and certificates.

We offer products for the nuclear, chemical, aircraft and space, oil and other industries. You can know more about the conditions of the individual offer, or about standard equipment, contact us by phone: 8 (47533) 4-54-48.